Meet the Creators

Israeli born and bred, Rabbi Avraham Zaks has been a rebbe in a Moscow cheder since 2012. He quickly realized that his young students would benefit from familiarizing themselves with Aramaic and Gemara concepts outside of the classroom, in a no-pressure environment. And what better way to do that than with a game?

Enter Velvel Tabak, a multi-lingual educator with decades of experience in teaching beginners-level Gemara to people of all ages. Velvel Tabak has taught Gemara to elementary-aged boys in Montreal, and served as rabbi in Belarus and Moldova in the 1990s, where he taught university students and community members. Being transplanted into these foreign communities forced Tabak to quickly learn the local language. 

Tabak built on Rabbi Zaks’ initial idea, and, using his creativity and language skills, helped to develop the concept into a game that is both thrilling and educational, using Rabbi Zaks’ Moscow students as eager game-testers.