Shalom aleichem!

My name is Bavli and this is my Gemara board game.

Take a trip back to Bavel with me in this remarkably innovative twist on the classic Monopoly game! Bavli is equal parts entertaining and educational, captivating adults and children alike. I’m going to help you become familiar with Gemara concepts and language. It’s such a fun way to learn, no matter your skill set.

Join me as we travel through the streets of Bavel. We’ll conduct commerce in the shukah using the currency of the time. To get ahead in the game you’ll need to answer questions based on the Gemara, attend the yarchei kallah, purchase properties in the shukah, and fulfill tasks based on actual Gemaras. Along the way, you can become a parnes or even a reish mesivta.

Let’s learn and play!



  • Aramaic words and phrases
  • Basic Gemara concepts
  • Currency used in Gemara



  • Do business in Bavel
  • Buy properties in the shuka
  • Attend the yarchei kallah
  • Become a parnes or even a reish mesivta

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